FRP bumpers

FRP bumpers for Corn Harvester

Do you need FRP (Fiber Reinforced Plastic) bumpers for your corn harvesters? Do you want to protect your machines from damage and extend their lifespan? Do you want to save money and time on maintenance and repair? If yes, then you should choose our products!

We are a factory that produces high-quality FRP bumpers using SMC (Sheet Molding Compound) molding technology. SMC is a process that involves cutting and stacking sheets of material impregnated with short-cut fibers and resin, and then placing them into a heated metal mold cavity to cure and form the product. SMC molding can produce complex shapes with high dimensional accuracy and mechanical performance.

The FRP corn harvester insurance bar is an essential safety feature of modern corn harvesters. This bar is designed to protect the operator and prevent accidents that may occur during the operation of the machine

The main function of the FRP corn harvester insurance bar is to protect the operator of the machine. It acts as a barrier between the operator and the rotating parts of the machine, such as the cutting blades and the rollers. The bar prevents the operator’s body from coming into contact with these parts, which can cause serious injuries.


Our FRP bumpers are made of SMC material with continuous Fiberglass and short-cut fiber mixed together. This gives our bumpers the following advantages:

  • Light weight: Our bumpers are much lighter than metal ones, which reduces the fuel consumption and emissions of your corn harvesters.
  • High strength: Our bumpers have high tensile strength, flexural strength and impact strength, which can withstand harsh working conditions and collisions.
  • Corrosion resistance: Our bumpers are resistant to water, salt, chemicals, UV rays and temperature changes, which prevents rusting and fading.
  • Impact resistance: Our bumpers have high elasticity and toughness, which can absorb shocks and vibrations without cracking or breaking.
  • Scratch resistance: Our bumpers have a smooth surface that is easy to clean and maintain. They also have a special coating that protects them from scratches and abrasions.
  • Safety: Our bumpers have no sharp edges or corners that can injure people or animals. They also have good fire resistance and electrical insulation properties.

Performance Parameters

MaterialHigh-quality fiber-reinforced plastic (FRP)Tensile strength: 320 MPa, Density: 1.6 g/cm3
StrengthStrong and durable, able to withstand force of impactImpact strength: 80 J/m2, Compressive strength: 450 MPa
FunctionProtects operator from rotating parts of the machine, prevents machine from tipping overProtective barrier height: 1.2 – 1.5 meters, Counterbalance weight: 10-15% of machine weight
InstallationConnected to main frame of machineBolted onto the main frame, welded for added strength
MaintenanceRegular inspection and maintenance required to ensure proper functionAnnual inspection, cleaning, and lubrication
CompatibilityCompatible with modern corn harvestersFits most modern corn harvester models
SizeCustomizable to fit specific machine modelsLength: 2 – 2.5 meters, Width: 0.5 – 0.8 meters
WeightLightweight and does not add significant weight to machineWeight: 20 – 30 kg
CertificationMeets safety standards and regulationsCertified by relevant safety authorities

Our FRP bumpers are suitable for various types of corn harvesters, such as self-propelled ones, tractor-mounted ones or combine ones. They can fit different models and brands of machines. They can also be customized according to your specifications and requirements.

We have more than 10 years of experience in SMC molding industry. We have advanced equipment, skilled workers, strict quality control system and excellent customer service. We can provide you with competitive prices and fast delivery.

If you are interested in our FRP bumpers for corn harvesters, please contact us today. We will be happy to answer your questions and provide you with a free quote. You can also visit our website to learn more about our products.

Don’t hesitate! Choose our FRP bumpers for your corn harvesters now!

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