car front bumpers

SMC Car Front Bumpers

Production of Car Front Bumpers using Compression Molding Car front bumpers are essential components that provide protection to the vehicle in the event of a collision. The production of car front bumpers using Compression Molding has gained significant popularity in recent years. This process uses Sheet Molding Compound (SMC) material, which is a mixture of …

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FRP Tractor Covers

2023 High Quality FRP Tractor Covers

The FRP tractor covers produced by SMC technology has several excellent performance features, including high strength, stiffness, dimensional stability, and corrosion resistance. These characteristics make it an ideal choice for protecting tractors from environmental factors such as weather, dirt, and debris. Additionally, FRP tractor protection covers can be produced in a variety of colors and …

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Forged Carbon fiber prodcuts

2023 HQ Forged Carbon Fiber Products

What is Forged Carbon Fiber? Forged Carbon Fiber is a recyclable and environmentally friendly epoxy sheet molding compound prepared by infiltrating short-cut carbon fiber with epoxy resin. Forged composite is a type of carbon fiber SMC material composed of small pieces of carbon fiber composite material that are pressed into shape as the resin cures. This is in contrast to …

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