Battery Enclosure

Designing A Versatile, Multi-Material EV Battery Enclosure

The quality of SMC sheet has a great influence on the compression molding process and product quality. As automotive OEMs focus on transitioning to a market of all-electric vehicles in the near future (by 2035, for General Motors), electric vehicle (EV) components will need to be produced at higher volumes. In the composites world, the relatively lighter weight, higher strength and thermal resistance properties of many composite materials make them an increasingly attractive alternative to metal for EV battery covers in particular, and CW continues to learn about new efforts to design more efficient, lighter-weight composite battery covers (see recent examples from an Evonik-led consortium and TRB Lightweight Structures).


smc Press

What Is The SMC Compression Molding Process

The quality of SMC sheet has a great influence on the compression molding process and product quality. Therefore, it is necessary to understand the quality of the material before pressing, such as resin paste formula, resin paste thickening curve, glass fiber content, glass fiber infiltrant type, unit weight, film peelability, hardness and quality uniformity, etc.


SMC Composite Ceiling Wall

What Is The Difference Between SMC Composite Ceiling Wall Module And Other Decorative Materials?

SMC Composite Ceiling Wall come from advanced aerospace composite materials, compare with other metal and non-metal materials the advantages are very outstanding. They can be used indoors and outdoors.


sheet moulding compound

Composition And Performance Of BMC And SMC

SMC and BMC, as well as the following derivatives: TMC (thick molding compound), HPC (high performance compound), CIC (continuous impregnant) and AMC (molding compound), are fiber reinforced composites, which are mainly composed of thermosetting resin (usually up unsaturated polyester), reinforcing material (usually glass fiber) and inorganic filler.


Mechanism Of FRP

What Affects The Heat Resistance Mechanism Of FRP

The heat resistance of FRP is different for different substrates. you can find the heat resistance range of FRP corresponding to various resins through the data, but do you know why different resins have different heat resistance levels?